Since establishing Rodenberg Tillman & Associates in 1985, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates has organized many Master Classes.
The Master Classes have been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 and are recognized in Europe as the leading training course in Strategy and Strategic Competitive Intelligence. Please see our Testimonials below.

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The Master Class CI has given me tremendous insights on the various tools and information that is applicable within the organisation. It’s simply a completely different and more realistic approach of gathering the right information, which will lead to a more accurate overview of both the internal and external environment

— Alecia Rowe of Hogeschool Utrecht

For me the Master Class was the awareness of C plus I into CI and the possibilities within my organisation

— Jack Kobes of Rabobank Netherlands

The Masterclass Competitive Intelligence is the place where theory and practice meet

— Menno Rijk of Merck Sharp & Dohme

The Masterclass in Competitive Intelligence substantially helped me in learning how to see the forest for the trees

— Niek Streefkerk from Nutreco

The Masterclass Competitive Intelligence is a progressive and inspirational course, which shows how intelligence can make the difference between failure and success

— Eric Keultjes from TPGPost

Rodenberg’s enthousiasm and inspiration during this Master Class is great and I gained a lot of new energy back from him to solve our problems at the CI implementation process

— Patrick Fokker of Fortis ASR

The interactive Master Class in a professional setting with senior CI managers updates you on the latest CI matters in just two days and provides inspiring food for thought

— Tjerk Lerou of Sanoma Magazines

The Masterclass gave a good overview of the new discipline of Competitive Intelligence as well as the inspiration to really kick off with more advanced and structured CI in my daily business through it’s interactive setting and the myriad of examples and cases

— Sander Molenaar from Essent

Highly effective seminar that provided next to a solid understanding of the CI discipline, a lot of concrete applicable actions and inspiration to further improve the CI function within my company

— Michel ten Donkelaar of Danone

Two days of hard and excellent work in an ideal setting concerning the number of participants and branche mix. Sorry it was over

— Wim van Liere of Delta Energy

The master Class was an very inspiring event because it combined valuable information about Competitive Intelligence and interesting cases of companies dealing with CI. One of my learning points is that CI is not about IT, but about people and this sharing knowledge is key for a successful way of organizing CI within your company

— Pedro Vissers of Rabobank

This Master Class gives guidance to create more certainty in an uncertain environment

— Dennis de Graaf of Forbo Flooring

This Master Class indicated to me that CI is a new management discipline to condens and speed up both internal & external information to actionable activities within the strategy process of a company

— Mario van Wingerde of AkzoNobel Resins

A very useful training session that will be enriched through the follow-up sessions by the participants

— Maarten van der Dussen of Kema

The CI Master Class gives a host of good reasons to start reviving the old CI discipline in this after-the-ICT-hype-era

— Harold van Garderen of Oce Technology

CI provides answers about the why and how a company strategically should move ahead of the traditional researching approach that only maps a company’s environment

— Philip Altena of Kema

The Master Class CI delivers state-of-the-art knowledge and tools covering CI, its processes, the required spectrum of analysis, the consideration of industry and company cultures, networking for synergy, and also dissects case studies within various industries to provide an overall view of practical CI

— Dr. Eduardo Flores Bermudez of Bayer HealthCare Germany

If you take marketing strategy, and therefore your long term position seriously, you can’t afford to be complacent about Competitive Intelligence. This Master Class provides a cutting edge insight into what the strategic position of CI should be in your company

— Carlos Zwikker of IPM International

Valuable course for marketing and decision support in a fast changing environment

— Roeland Kremers of Heijmans Construction Company

I appreciated the link from theory to real examples to develop CI in the real world

— Dr. Manfred Roettele Former Head of BI of Aventis France

A very intensive and useful Competitive Intelligence course. It was very helpful for me to understand the importance of CI to our business and the areas of contribution I can make

— James Barron of Shell Hydrogen

The Master Class CI provides a good foundation for those who are willing to create this function back at their companies

— Vadim Lishinsky of BASF Germany

The program was great. Within a week I have implemented some very useful Strategic Intelligence tools and got support for a global pilot initiative

— Dr. Scott Wilson, Oerlikon, Switzerland

Great resource for professionals, managers, and business leaders looking for new methods, techniques, and perspectives on their own discipline and how to level up their organization’s capacity and inclination for strategic intelligence. You’ll walk away with tangible frameworks, tips, and examples to jumpstart the strategic intelligence revolution at your company

— Jen Leung, AppDynamics, San Francisco, USA

Brilliant course that has opened my eyes to the world of strategic intelligence! The business cases combined with Joseph’s perspectives gave me great insights and inspiration into how more value can be created by competitive intelligence

— Grace Tan, Danone Nutricia, the Netherlands

The combination of tools, case studies and group exercises was both thought provoking and valuable for my own intelligence work

— Louise Freer Jones, Worldline, United Kingdom
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