Since establishing Rodenberg Tillman & Associates in 1985, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates has organized many Master Classes.
The Master Classes have been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 and are recognized in Europe as the leading training course in Strategy and Strategic Competitive Intelligence. Please see our Testimonials below.

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Being a CI Professional for nearly a decade now, I recommend you to attend this great Master Class. Learn from the best, share experience with your peers and understand WHY and HOW are the most important questions for successful CI officers. WHY haven’t you already booked this CI Master Class? How come that you still hesitate while your competitors might have participated already

— Tanja Kadenbach, Vaillant Group, Germany

Hey out there ! I attended Joseph Rodenberg’s CI Master Class on the 7th-8th Mar-19 in Utrecht, NL. A wealth of experience, a brilliant mind and the disposition to share and disseminate tools and CI methodologies to help professionals to develop skills in this very exciting field. Joseph gave the Class a lot of material and ideas to take back to the office. The most important might be the intangible learning on what INTELLIGENCE entails: the process of creating Intelligence from disconnected pieces of Information. This Intelligence can give your company a step ahead of the competition, and the foresight to define successful strategies. A great way of spending 2 days !

— Laurence Messé, Global Product Manager at Lanxess, Switzerland

I have had the opportunity to work with Joseph Rodenberg on a number of initiatives. He is a truly energetic, entertaining and dedicated professional. A true expert in the field of strategy and the supporting strategic intelligence and insights, he teaches others how to build evidence based impact and present to executives that in influential.

— Nan Bulger, Executive Director, SAIMAH, Founder, Ticani Institute, Independent Consultant

I have learned a lot of new things especially on Grey Swans and Gray Rhinos. I also appreciated to get a lot of examples on analysis and powerful visual presentations of results

— Pascaline Vercruysse, Engie, Belgium

Practical, pragmatic, straight to the point with real case studies discussed

— Oleksiy Matviychuk, Lhoist, Belgium

Up-to-date and inspiring Master Class in which Joseph Rodenberg shows a lot of practical tools for your day-to-day intelligence work

— Rob Verstraelen, Signify – formerly Philips Lighting, Netherlands

Joseph led us through comprehensive theories as well as inspiring case studies and group practices. The mindset built up and the practical tools taught in the Master Class will be very valuable for my daily work as CI Professional

— Yu Pei, ASML, Netherlands

Up-to-date, challenging real business examples to introduce an useful pallet of intelligence tools and principles. The Master Class comes closest to this definition of intelligence: ‘The ability to understand the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide actions towards desired goals

— Rob Stevens, Yara International, Norway

This was the most comprehensive overview of concepts and tools of Strategic Intelligence ever encountered in one spot. It is a valuable resource to further develop our approaches within the company

— Dr. Torsten Freund, BASF, Germany

I very much enjoyed Joseph’s Master Class. Companies have lots of data and information, however are unable to make the smart analyses and deliver the actionable strategic choices. It’s a pre-condition for existence to have people who challenge the assumptions and have the courage to create the critical analyses and the actionable recommendations

— Harriët Hof, City of Emmen, Netherlands

The energy, passion, knowledge and real life examples created an inspiring Master Class. In two days you learn all the aspects, tools, methodologies which enable your company to benefit from real Competitive Intelligence

— Andre van Noije, Chromalloy, Netherlands

Meet Joseph Rodenberg, the Michael Moore of Strategic Competitive Intelligence in the Corporate World

— Rebecca Williams, International Flavors & Fragrances, Netherlands

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Master Class. Joseph’s attitude and personality were exemplary. He displayed senior competitive intelligence knowledge and was very eager to share his 30 years of experience supported by numerous real-life business cases

— Arjan van den Herik, AON Group, Netherlands

Thanks for this extensive package on Competitive Intelligence. This Class covered a wide range of important aspects such as the CI-tools, the CI-processes, analyses, examples of good and bad practices and most important to me the implementation of CI-work in an organization

— Taina Kaakinen, StoraEnso, Sweden

This Strategic Competitive Intelligence Master Class provides you with a detailed overview on a variety of competitive intelligence tools and gives you inspiration to fit those tools to the needs of your organization

— Andreas Dobler, Hilti Corp, Liechtenstein

The Master Class was an enjoyable two days out-of-the-office thinking about the importance of intelligence for corporate strategy in today’s world. Joseph has an amazing knowledge and experience which he shares in an engaging way, using real life examples from his practices. I strongly recommend this Master Class to any strategy or intelligence professional

— omas Mihulka, Imperial Tobacco, France

I very much enjoyed the Master Class with great emphasis on competing for the future and not for the present, about peripheral vision and where the most important decisions are taken. In addition Joseph explained how strategic intelligence really works in practice, how to ask the right questions, about the phenomenon of Grey Swans and Gray Rhinos and the need for the Tenth man or Woman

— Dr. Eileen Diakun, Solvay, UK

This Master Class was very interesting and useful for me. Numerous different analysis methods and models, excellent tools such as the Black Swans, Grey Swans, Gray Rhinos, weak & early warnings combined with best practices. The real life examples were very interesting and perfect to benchmark many companies in a short period of time. I was happy to attend this Master Class and I can warmly recommend it

Thanks for the brilliant explanations and for teaching what Strategic Competitive Intelligence really is. This Master Class covers the most crucial aspects of Strategic Competitive Intelligence and gives practical tools, showing real business cases, which bring many benefits to my work

— Gabriele Fontana PhD, Indena, Italy

This has been an exciting and valuable Master Class. I got really useful and applicable ideas of true Strategic Intelligence from the real-world examples disclosed. ‘Challenge the assumptions’ and study the possible scenarios will definitively be part of my daily work. “Excpect the best but be ready for the worst

— Roberto Garcia Rodriguez, Tradecorp, Spain

This Master Class gives me strategies & tools which enable me and my company to manage customers and suppliers in a new and refreshing way. Joseph’s professionalism and passion gives our business a tremendous boost. Great course

— Roel Petter, Petter Trading, the Netherlands

Thanks for such a wonderful learning experience. I found the approach “Don’t Trust – Be Paranoid – Do your Homework” very inspirational

— Maria Carmela De Vuono, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, Italy

Thanks for the very interesting sessions on intelligence. I have learned a lot and have now better ideas on what I can do to put into practice a comprehensive Competitive Intelligence program. The business cases were enlightening and the slides brilliant. Sharing experiences and learnings with all the other attendees was invaluable

— Anjusha Chemmanur, Travelport, United Kingdom

No doubt, this Master Class is incredible dense and to-the-point concerning competitive intelligence with a big punch of bold assessments at the opposite of mainstream opinions about what strategy really is. Deep inside and highly recommended

— Gaetan Duvieusart, ENGIE, Belgium

This Strategic Competitive Intelligence Master Class provides you with not only the tools, frameworks and case studies of successful CI, but it also forces you to understand how the strategic competitive intelligence perspectives can give a meaningful impact in your company

— Victor Mussi, Teva Europe

The Master Class provides frameworks and case examples how to take the intelligence work to the next level. I will be able to take concrete actions as a result

— Jenni Campbell, Metso Corporation, Finland

Thanks a lot for creating this platform for fellow intelligence colleagues to meet and share their experience. “Don’t Trust, Be Paranoid, Be Critical” is something I am trying to apply day-in and day-out now

— Naveen Raja Natesan from India, Philips Lighting, the Netherlands

If you ever have wondered how to give Competitive Intelligence substance and how to make it actionable in your organization and competitive arena, attend this Master Class packed with ready to use tools and real life examples on multiple organizational and strategic intelligence levels

— Berthil van Beek, Lanxess, The Netherlands

I highly recommend this Master Class to anyone interested in CI for their organization. Joseph is very knowledgeable in this field, he has a tremendous amount of case studies to share and he gives practical tools to start integrating CI in your organization

— Jeanet van de Putte, Teva Europe

Thanks for sharing your decades of relevant Competitive Intelligence expertise and experience with us in these two days packed with great insights and practical guidance. I am fully inspired to apply this and make the difference to the future of my company

— Alex Loopik, Royal Dutch Shell
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