Since establishing Rodenberg Tillman & Associates in 1985, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates has organized many Master Classes.
The Master Classes have been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 and are recognized in Europe as the leading training course in Strategy and Strategic Competitive Intelligence. Please see our Testimonials below.

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I was expecting intensive sessions about the use of different tools to improve my capabilities as market intelligence leader in my company, but the master class provided to me something that is much better, the space for reflection to create a customized process for an integrated strategic intelligence for my company combining different functional areas, and to be more efficient communicating the insights, recommending actions and to pushing the management team to have a look to the competition to take the decisions on time.

— Oscar Tenorio, Global Market Intelligence Leader, Provivi Inc., Spain

Great experience this Master Class, that really refreshes how to become action oriented rather than just an information provider and to develop the right strategic thinking.

— Alessandro Boschetto, Director Corporate Planning & Business Intelligence, Philip Morris International, Switzerland

Fantastic Master Class by Joseph, providing hands-on tips, tricks, and tools, while also giving you plenty food for thought.

— Chantal Römgens, Senior Analyst Strategic & Market Intelligence, DSM, Netherlands

This Master Class not only covers every strategic framework and analysis tools possible, but it also covers many case studies and examples to bring these tools to life. A great session for anyone wanting to increase the Strategic Impact in their organizations.

— Simon Pollock, Director Future Intelligence, General Mills, United Kingdom – USA

Great Master Class. I have learnt a lot from this class, especially on how to use the different analysis methodologies when it comes to the various used cases. It became clear we are not information providers, however, analysts driven decision makers. I also enjoyed the case analysis and the discussions with the other attendees.

— Sarah Fuhong Zhao, Ericsson, Sweden

Thanks for the energetic Master Class. I felt this is one of the most effective methods for learning Competitive Intelligence tools. Even though I just start working in a Competitive Intelligence position, with lots of true examples provided in the Master Class, I could grasp the image of the general idea of Competitive Intelligence.

— Junko Morikawa, Technical Analyst, ASML, Netherlands

Learning never stops. I have participated in the two-days Master Class Strategic Competitive Intelligence. During this class expert Joseph Rodenberg eleborates on how intelligence can be used on a strategic level to create competitive advantages.

— Lohic Beneyzet, Consulting Partner, Bravinci Data Dynamics, Netherlands

Your intelligence analysis is the best gold that I ever have seen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

— Rui Metelo Marques, Military Academy, Ministry of Defense, Portugal

The Master Class was very useful because I had the opportunity to learn new tools, how to think strategically and about the do’s and don’ts about competitive intelligence. Joseph is really knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from his experiences. I warmly recommend this course to those who want to improve their skills.

— Dario Pressato, Manager Competitive Intelligence at Lonza Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

Joseph’s passion for Strategic Intelligence is tangible. This Master Class is a good introduction to the topic of Competitive Intelligence, provides a huge number of real life examples and serves as inspiration for your own initiatives.

— Mathias Woltery, Strategy Manager, RWE, Germany

This two-day Master Class is an excellent opportunity to learn about the methologies and tools of strategic and competitive intelligence in a very focused and concise manner, enriched with a long list of concrete use cases to learn from. Joseph is an excellent speaker with tremendous intelligence experience and a passion for telling the ‘brutal truth’. Definitely worth investing the time.

— Dr. Elke Dittrich-Wengenroth, Vice President, Head of Scientific & Competitive Intelligence, Bayer, Germany

Excellent Master Class helping us to find our way through the competitive jungle and on the way finding black elephants, gray rhinos, black swans, and green swans.

— Jurian Cuppen, Market & Customer Intelligence Analist, Partena Mutualite Libre, Belgium

Joseph’s on-the-front-line experience is invaluable and he shares it so freely. I really appreciated the broad range of approaches and tools that were given over the course of the two days.

— Dr. Michelle Rathman-Josserand, Director of Scientific Foresight & Risk Intelligence, L’Oreal, France

I am very inspired by the work and the publications of Joseph Rodenberg. For me Joseph is one of the best references in Competitive and Strategic Intelligence

— Rui Metelo Marques, Military Academy of the Army – Ministry of Defense, Portugal

Whether you don’t know how to create foresight from insights or if you belong to the reporting or analysis school, you ‘ll find out where you belong to. What do these principles mean and how to make best use of the shared experience in the world of strategic competitive intelligence? You get the answers when participating in the Master Class. If you want to outperform your competition, this Master Class is highly recommended

— Michael Hansen, Vodafone Germany

I strongly recommend Joseph Rodenberg as trusted partner in strategic intelligence for his Executive Master Class and Consulting practices. DANONE confirms to cooperate with RT&A in the field of training for brand protection, anti-counterfeit, investigation, due diligence and strategic intelligence. The unpredictable situations and surprising circumstances which occurred during actions taken, proved that Joseph can be characterized by his ability for quick responses, fast planning, outstanding flexibility and high efficiency. Joseph Rodenberg gives professionals an information edge needed to secure their businesses in our world with professional services at the highest level

— Bernard Galea, Vice President / Chief Security & Competitive Intelligence, Danone France

This Master Class provides you with a wealth of tools, generating valuable insights and tons of inspiration

— Cindy Dekeyser, PB Leiner, Belgium

Joseph goes above and beyond inspiring and sharing abundant intelligence cases from multiple industry sectors, highlighting practical frameworks and proven structured Strategic Competitive Intelligence analyses tools, on how to provide intelligence foresight to provoke transformation and profitable growth. Highly recommended

— Libby Bernall, Cargill, USA

The Master Class was very inspirational providing valuable Competitive Intelligence tools, methodologies and practical experiences which are a catalyst for me to selectively use and implement at SKF

— Olof Johannesson, SKF, Sweden

A great opportunity to stand away a little bit from daily business and get valuable insights into the strategic thinking in strategic intelligence. Having many interesting and entertaining cases is an ideal add-on to methodologies and structured approaches which have been shared. I will definitely make use of the content in my day-to-day business life

— Dr. Kristian Arntz, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Joseph’s passion for strategic intelligence is tangible and he knows how to transmit it

— Cargill Europe, Belgium

This Master Class provides you not only an extensive toolkit, but exposure to real business cases that demonstrate the application and power that strategic competitive intelligence initiatives can bring to your organization. Joseph’s experience and knowledge is extensive and I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to deepen their skillset

— Amanda Lehrmann, RWE Renewables International, Germany

The Master Class is worth a recommendation. Working in strategy and analysis myself, within the two-day program I gained the right level of detail and a perfect overview on structured methods for different situations combined with interesting, valuable and fun cases at the same time. My colleagues and I immediately scheduled a meeting to initiate strategic intelligence initiatives

— Thomas Vollmer, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

It was a real pleasure to meet you in person and listen to the perfectly tailored Master Class. I experienced it as a solution that triggered my thinking in how things are connected and function. Many times, we just see our own perspectives and points of view which are always limited. I plan to use the tools and even put action points during the Master Class which ones to use during my daily work

— Ivana Mishikj M.Sc, Fraunhofer Project Center/University of Twente, the Netherlands

The two-day Master Class was the opportunity to go back to the basics of competitive intelligence and to think about our daily practice. It’s now up to us to test and find the adequate models and tools to build on for the future

— Gwenola Prado, Umicore, Belgium

Great Class for advanced CI Professionals: huge expertise shared, many examples from daily-operations discussed, a full box of tools presented and applied, international peer group to grow your network, reflect on traps to be avoided, and many other ideas which help to improve my own competitive intelligence expertise even more! Learning with great fun with great people!

— Tanja Kadenbach, Vaillant Group, Germany

This Strategic Intelligence Master Class will provide you with a comprehensive overview of tools, techniques, and process that you can apply immediately to build your ‘company radar room’. It was a great pleasure having Joseph as the instructor. He makes sure this Master Class is not a theoretical lecture and loads it with practical advice substantiated with inspiring reference cases, covering different industries and contexts drawing from his years of international experience

— Maurice Remme, DeepThink, Netherlands

By attending this Master Class, I was expecting to learn about new tools and new methodologies to enrich our portfolio of analytical techniques. Expectations met, and much more. I appreciated the variety of tools, the inspiration, the links between tools and concrete business cases, and a nice, motivated, knowledgeable group that allowed a good level of interaction. Joseph is a great story teller and he has the sense of humor that is necessary for animating such Master Class

— Sylvain Dubois, Prayon, Belgium

The Master Class was an eye-opening fun, challenging, relevant and informative two days. Joseph has put much thought and expertise in designing the Class. The content was clear, concise and well structured. A lot of information was covered, which was easily absorbed and delivered in a great and engaging way. Since completing the course, I have already started to implement some of the Strategic Intelligence techniques. Thank you

— James Peeke, Oxford, United Kingdom

This Master Class is inspiring, energizing and empowering. Joseph’s Competitive Intelligence journey using many case studies as examples, enables you to see how to apply the concepts and tools he shares back into your own work environment. I would thoroughly recommend it for all professionals at any level in their career

— Sarah Williams, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, United Kingdom
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