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The ‘Holy Grail’ in forecasting is 51%. Imagine if it could be increased to 65%+. It is seen as incredible. However, we managed to do this with the crime rates of the City of Chicago, with the price of the Bitcoin 4-6 weeks ahead of the game and with the turning point of the “bull” market into the “bear” market at Wall Street in October 2018. We offer similar solutions with many other topics, which no other what-so-ever predictive analytics service currently is able to do. It’s all based on the identification of “rhythmically non-chance events” or “Predictive Cycles” detected in data-sets.
The basis for identification of Predictive Cycles originates from Professor Edward R. Dewey’s work, who was the Founding Father of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in 1940. The Foundation is still in existence today with over 80+ years of experience in the field of Predictive Cycles research and also has its own scientific discipline. For more information on this, please click the “Learn More” button in the right menu.
With this new expertise available to Rodenberg Tillman & Associates we have created a totally new field of expertise within Strategic Intelligence, namely “Strategic & Predictive Intelligence”, which you can benefit from.
Offered as a Paid Premium Service called “Predictive Foresights, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates can provide you and your Organization with highly accurate forecasting on any subject interested. For a list of Predictive Foresights data-sets already accurately been forecasted on, please click the “Tracked Data-sets” in the right menu.
Predictive Foresights can help answer many of your organizational questions. E.g.
  • How can I Intelligently allocate my sources?
  • When would be the best time to buy lumber in the next few months, as its used as major material for our products?
  • Can I suspect an increase of cyber attacks on my network the coming weeks?
  • When is the best time to buy precious metals cheap?
  • What is the house market doing the coming season?
  • Will I need to allocate more human resources onto the streets for an increase of crimes rates in our city?
  • Is steel production going to be increasing or decreasing in the coming weeks?
  • Are interest rates increasing the coming months?
  • Are our product sales going to be increasing or decreasing next month?
  • Will there be an increase or decrease of patients coming through my department next month?
Some case example can be seen HERE.