The World of strategic Intelligence can be a jungle. Grey Swans, Black Swans, Gray Rhino’s, are challenges at every turn.
That’s why we at Rodenberg Tillman & Associates pride ourselves of being the best at what we do. With over 35+ years of history we will guide you through this wilderness as


Established in 1985

Strategic Competitive Intelligence

4 – 5 OCTOBER 2022
Utrecht, The Netherlands


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The ‘holy grail’ in forecasting is 51%. Imagine it will be possible to increase this holy grail in forecasting from 51% towards 75-85%. It is seen as incredible. However, we managed to do this with our new Paid Premium Service called


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Get access to our fast amount of Knowledge and Resources through our Academy. No matter if you are just starting in intelligence or are an expert in its field, we serve all levels at:


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As a Total Intelligence Solution Provider, we also provide all our Tools nicely integrated into your own physical or virtual:


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What we can offer you

Master Classes

Rodenberg Tillman & Associates executes the Two days International Master Class Strategic Intelligence twice per year for the European market. With the Six Building Blocks™ all aspects are covered to become successful in strategic management and strategic intelligence. Our Master Class is applicable for professionals, managers, and leaders in international business from all various company functions: sales, marketing, strategy, innovation, business development, research & development, technology, purchasing, human resources and beyond. Every business individual who can’t just rely anymore on…

Predictive Foresights™ Premium Service

The ‘Holy Grail’ in forecasting is 51%. Imagine if it could be increased to 65%+. It is seen as incredible. However, we managed to do this with the crime rates of the City of Chicago, with the price of the Bitcoin 4-6 weeks ahead of the game and with the turning point of the “bull” market into the “bear” market at Wall Street in October 2018. We offer similar solutions with many other topics, which no other what-so-ever predictive analytics…

Market Intelligence Research

Our Market Intelligence professionals give indepth answers on your questions and issues the company is facing or will face the next couple of years. We deliver the insights & foresights on the dynamic changes in your organization’s business environment and concerns markets – customers – consumers – technology – research & development – competitors, business development & innovation, legislation and beyond. Change and innovation come in over 65% of all cases from outside your traditional and current markets. Therefore we…

Company Radar Rooms

The most effective way for an organization to implement its Intelligence process is to create a physical or virtual (MI7™) Company Radar Room that will allow people to work efficiently within this process. We can design & implement custom made Company Radar Rooms for your organization.

MI7™ – Knowledge Platform

Rodenberg Tillman & Associates created a state of the art Knowledge Platform named MI7™, this Platform allows for easy Retrieving, Storing, Managing, Visualizing, Collaborating and Communicating of knowledge within your organization. MI7™ can be seen as your virtual Central Radar Room and be integrated into a physical Central Radar Room.

Intelligence & Knowledge Audit

We provide different kinds of Audits. The Strategic Audit is a systematic process to define the requirements of the intelligence process. The challenge is to develop an intelligence process that accomplishes the major objectives of avoiding surprises, identifying market opportunities and minimising threats.

Intelligence Tools

Over the years Rodenberg Tillman & Associates have created many types of Intelligence Tools that are used during different parts of the services provided. Some of these tools are also available to you and your organization. We can give you access to these tools and educate on how to use and implement these within your organization.

Rodenberg Academy™

As part of Rodenberg Academy™, we provide different Master Classes and Webinars, from beginners to experts in Intelligence. With a proven track record, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates Educational services is the No1. provider of Intelligence Education within Europe. After completing your course, each attendee, will receive its Rodenberg Academy Certificate, which is Recognized by SCIP.

Intelligence Briefings

As part of Rodenberg Academy, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates provide twice per month our Free Intelligence Briefs. In these Intelligence Briefs different kinds of subjects are covert which include Predictive Foresights on events to come and identified Black Swans, Gray Swans and Gray Rhinos.

Dont just take our Word for it

“It has been great to learn the Intelligence Frameworks of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates and they should be adopted by every decision maker across the world”

Gagan Sahani

Reliance Industries, India

“Together with Joseph Rodenberg and his team I was in the lead to introduce and implement Competitive Technology Intelligence at Shell and we created a great and simple Strategic Intent: To be the Best we must know the Rest”

Yoram Shoham

Shell International Exploration and Production, Netherlands

“The people at Rodenberg Tillman & Associates are tough guys to work with, because they always ask the difficult questions and challenge our assumptions”

Jonathan Price

Citigroup Bank, USA
Worldclass Organizations choose Rodenberg Tillman & Associates
Harmonize your Intelligence Processes, Increase your Knowledge Sharing Capabilities & Stay ahead of your Competition

Is your company a Superstar?

Since 1976 the painting of the Dodo is hanging in the office of the Head of Shell’s Global Business Environment, currently led by Jeremy Bentham. After the Scenario Plans ‘Oceans’ and ‘Mountains’, in Spring 2018 the latest scenario plan ‘Sky’ was launched. ‘Sky’ assumes that the world in 2070 still needs 50-60 million oil barrels/day and describes what must be done to meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. Everybody who makes analyses knows that we have to re-organize the complete world economy within the next 50 years. Jeremy Bentham: “It’s my accountability that Shell doesn’t become a Dodo”.

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Predictive Foresights, a basis for Success!

We all know that the “holy grail” of forecasting is 50% or in fact “cross or coin”. No governmental institute or agency neither any multinational company is able to produce reliable forecasts. They have tried to do this for decades without being able to deliver trustworthy results. However, with the “Predictive Foresights” service it is possible to leverage the ‘holy grail’ of forecasting towards direction of future development of any kind with 75-85% accuracy. Furthermore the need for Big Data Storage & Analysis has become obsolete as the “Predictive Foresights” service only needs a tiny amount of data to effectively produce results in comparison.

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Managing the present versus managing the future

Professor Jaap Koelewijn’s quote is telling, pointing out that a number of multinationals may be reaching the end of their company life-cycle. The financial press reports that an increasing number of hedge funds put heavy pressure on those boards of management to divest and/or to split up their companies to meet shareholder value. Management’s answer throughout 2017 has typically been to make ‘unrealistic’ promises that they will somehow succeed in meeting shareholder expectations. In addition, they took the easy and relatively straightforward way forward of cost-cutting and increasing consumer prices.

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The phenomenon of hub firms

Traditional companies spend much of their time monitoring start-ups. Likewise, the financial world does this by monitoring the fintech sector. Should we fear those start-ups or should we fear others? In his new book, “The Day after Tomorrow”, Peter Hinssen tells us that we should fear potential new competitors who will take over interactions with customers. The following eight companies: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba, are the new ‘hub firms’ that will shape our collective future.

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Black Swans, Grey Swans and Gray Rhinos

Every manager in every company business function is part of a high-impact VUCA world: Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity. In this VUCA world, Nassim Nicholas Taleb published his famous book “The Black Swan” in 2007. Based on Taleb’s Black Swans, we have been using the phenomenon of Grey Swans with our unique Grey Swan Analysis. In the spring of 2016, Michele Wucker came out with her book “The Gray Rhino”, on the basis of which we added ‘Gray Rhino Analysis’ to our strategic intelligence practices.

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Jeff Immelt’s lessons on leadership

It is interesting to see how Jeff Immelt created parts of his strategic intelligence picture. After Jack Welch’s period of leadership (from 1980 to 2001), Jeff Immelt transformed the 125-year-old GE into a start-up, a digital industrial company. “We compete in today’s world to solve tomorrow’s challenges”, he said, quoted in HBR September/October 2017.

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Test your company’s strategy

Most of us recognize this ‘annually recurring ritual’ in the company planning cycle which in most cases is based on an inside view. It becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of biases that subconsciously give more weight to facts that back management’s view than inconvenient ones that don’t. Being inwardly-focused and not anticipating competitors’ moves is remarkably superficial and is another breeding ground for competitive surprises. To overcome this, management is forced to think ‘strategically’ and needs evidence-based strategic intelligence.

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