The World of strategic Intelligence can be a jungle. Grey Swans, Black Swans, Gray Rhino’s, are challenges at every turn.
That’s why we at Rodenberg Tillman & Associates pride ourselves of being the best at what we do. With over 35+ years of history we will guide you through this wilderness as


Established in 1985

Strategic Competitive Intelligence

24 – 25 OCTOBER 2023
Utrecht, The Netherlands


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The ‘holy grail’ in forecasting is 51%. Imagine it will be possible to increase this holy grail in forecasting from 51% towards 75-85%. It is seen as incredible. However, we managed to do this with our new Paid Premium Service called


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Get access to our fast amount of Knowledge and Resources through our Academy. No matter if you are just starting in intelligence or are an expert in its field, we serve all levels at:


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As a Total Intelligence Solution Provider, we also provide all our Tools nicely integrated into your own physical or virtual:


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What we can offer you

Master Classes

Rodenberg Tillman & Associates executes the Two days International Master Class Strategic Intelligence twice per year for the European market. With the Six Building Blocks™ all aspects are covered to become successful in strategic management and strategic intelligence. Our Master Class is applicable for professionals, managers, and leaders in international business from all various company functions: sales, marketing, strategy, innovation, business development, research & development, technology, purchasing, human resources and beyond. Every business individual who can’t just rely anymore on…

Predictive Foresights™ Premium Service

The ‘Holy Grail’ in forecasting is 51%. Imagine if it could be increased to 65%+. It is seen as incredible. However, we managed to do this with the crime rates of the City of Chicago, with the price of the Bitcoin 4-6 weeks ahead of the game and with the turning point of the “bull” market into the “bear” market at Wall Street in October 2018. We offer similar solutions with many other topics, which no other what-so-ever predictive analytics…

Market Intelligence Research

Our Market Intelligence professionals give indepth answers on your questions and issues the company is facing or will face the next couple of years. We deliver the insights & foresights on the dynamic changes in your organization’s business environment and concerns markets – customers – consumers – technology – research & development – competitors, business development & innovation, legislation and beyond. Change and innovation come in over 65% of all cases from outside your traditional and current markets. Therefore we…

Company Radar Rooms

The most effective way for an organization to implement its Intelligence process is to create a physical or virtual (MI7™) Company Radar Room that will allow people to work efficiently within this process. We can design & implement custom made Company Radar Rooms for your organization.

MI7™ – Knowledge Platform

Rodenberg Tillman & Associates created a state of the art Knowledge Platform named MI7™, this Platform allows for easy Retrieving, Storing, Managing, Visualizing, Collaborating and Communicating of knowledge within your organization. MI7™ can be seen as your virtual Central Radar Room and be integrated into a physical Central Radar Room.

Intelligence & Knowledge Audit

We provide different kinds of Audits. The Strategic Audit is a systematic process to define the requirements of the intelligence process. The challenge is to develop an intelligence process that accomplishes the major objectives of avoiding surprises, identifying market opportunities and minimising threats.

Intelligence Tools

Over the years Rodenberg Tillman & Associates have created many types of Intelligence Tools that are used during different parts of the services provided. Some of these tools are also available to you and your organization. We can give you access to these tools and educate on how to use and implement these within your organization.

Rodenberg Academy™

As part of Rodenberg Academy™, we provide different Master Classes and Webinars, from beginners to experts in Intelligence. With a proven track record, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates Educational services is the No1. provider of Intelligence Education within Europe. After completing your course, each attendee, will receive its Rodenberg Academy Certificate, which is Recognized by SCIP.

Intelligence Briefings

As part of Rodenberg Academy, Rodenberg Tillman & Associates provide twice per month our Free Intelligence Briefs. In these Intelligence Briefs different kinds of subjects are covert which include Predictive Foresights on events to come and identified Black Swans, Gray Swans and Gray Rhinos.

Dont just take our Word for it

“It has been great to learn the Intelligence Frameworks of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates and they should be adopted by every decision maker across the world”

Gagan Sahani

Reliance Industries, India

“Together with Joseph Rodenberg and his team I was in the lead to introduce and implement Competitive Technology Intelligence at Shell and we created a great and simple Strategic Intent: To be the Best we must know the Rest”

Yoram Shoham

Shell International Exploration and Production, Netherlands

“The people at Rodenberg Tillman & Associates are tough guys to work with, because they always ask the difficult questions and challenge our assumptions”

Jonathan Price

Citigroup Bank, USA
Worldclass Organizations choose Rodenberg Tillman & Associates
Harmonize your Intelligence Processes, Increase your Knowledge Sharing Capabilities & Stay ahead of your Competition

[Early Warning] Artificial General Intelligence coming to YOU

The authorities in China, in case the Chinese Communist Party CCP with 85 million members, wants completely control humanity in imperceptible ways by AI digital brain connected to the internet and all networks operating on 5G and the coming 6G. It’s called Artificial General Intelligence. The network 5G is currently built and will make robotics operational. The millions of surgical masks and other medial devices supplies from China is part of the CCP Propaganda.

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The worst course of ACTION is? DOING NOTHING!

We are convinced this is the way to win both the battle and the war during this global corona crisis. What is needed is courage and above all courage to prioritize. Those who defend everything in effect defend nothing. If every thing is a priority, then nothing becomes a priority. At the time of crisis, it’s not always easy to know if being brave and being right are the same thing. The line between bravery and foolishness can be thin and it’s often only with hindsight that we know which Courses of Action were, in the end, the correct ones. To judge hindsight we can use After Action Reviews (AARs).

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Don’t take everything on face value

Michael Levitt forecasted the slowing down of the spread of corona in February in China, giving hope to those affected by the lockdown. February 1 the Province of Hubei had 1.800 new cases a day. February 6 the number reached 4.700 new cases a day. February 7 the number of new infections started to drop linearly and did not stop. The reason for the slowdown is due to the fact that ‘exponential models’ assume that people with the virus will continue to infect others at a steady rate. In the early phase of Covid-19 the rate was 2.2 people a day on average.

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Do you really know what your Competitor is up to?

Building a strategy without competitive intelligence is like planning a road trip without a map. Understanding competitive motivations and behaviors helps to shape product development, pricing, brand positioning, innovation, business development and beyond. Competitive landscapes become extremely dynamic and this makes it imperative for companies to get the higher-quality insights and especially foresight.

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What can we learn from Amazon?

In the 1990s former CEO of GE Jack Welch quoted similar as the new CEO of Google and Alphabet: “We have met the enemy and he is us”. In 2013 former CEO John Chambers of Cisco quoted: “We understand the market, our competitors and most importantly how our competitors think. I have a pretty good idea what their next moves will be. When you compete against us, you will lose”. Two quotes of business leaders who made GE and Cisco great. Interesting to see how Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, looks at competition from within.

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The Politics of Business

ASML has been working for almost two decades on the new and very advanced semiconductor’s technology ‘Extreme Ultra Violet’. This technology enables worldplayers as Intel, Samsung, TSMC and a few others to produce millions of chips for other worldplayers as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others much faster.

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Will Deutsche Bank be the first Domino to fall?

In previous INTELs we described the financial situation of Germany’s Deutsche Bank as dramatic: losses of 6-8 billion euros in 2019, 18.000 layoffs in the 3rd quarter 2019 and they even cancelled the Christmas 2019 reception for retired employees. Deutsche Bank is dying and insiders see it as a ‘zombie bank’ that is stumbling along until someone finally puts it out of its misery.

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Purpose in a VUCA-WORLD

Change in our business environment is influenced by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity and it’s the core of our Strategic Intelligence best practices. It implies five key roles in leadership: Visionary(1), Strategic(2), People(3), Structural(4), and Process(5). Visionary Leadership is creating your company’s peripheral vison and meets Strategic Leadership aiming to monitor the changes in the environment, grabbing the opportunities and the ability to adapt to change. People Leadership is all about agility.

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