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I was expecting intensive sessions about the use of different tools to improve my capabilities as market intelligence leader in my company, but the master class provided to me something that is much better, the space for reflection to create a customized process for an integrated strategic intelligence for my company combining different functional areas, and to be more efficient communicating the insights, recommending actions and to pushing the management team to have a look to the competition to take the decisions on time.

— Oscar Tenorio, Global Market Intelligence Leader, Provivi Inc., Spain

Great experience this Master Class, that really refreshes how to become action oriented rather than just an information provider and to develop the right strategic thinking.

— Alessandro Boschetto, Director Corporate Planning & Business Intelligence, Philip Morris International, Switzerland

Fantastic Master Class by Joseph, providing hands-on tips, tricks, and tools, while also giving you plenty food for thought.

— Chantal Römgens, Senior Analyst Strategic & Market Intelligence, DSM, Netherlands
Rodenberg Tillman & Associates executes the Two days International Master Class Strategic Intelligence twice per year for the European market. With the Six Building Blocks™ all aspects are covered to become successful in strategic management and strategic intelligence.
Our Master Class is applicable for professionals, managers, and leaders in international business from all various company functions: sales, marketing, strategy, innovation, business development, research & development, technology, purchasing, human resources and beyond. Every business individual who can’t just rely anymore on just data, information, and knowledge, however, wants to make the difference by using strategic intelligence in their day-to-day business practices.
Our Master Class has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 and is recognized in Europe as the leading training course in strategy and strategic competitive intelligence. See for more valuations ‘testimonials’, by clicking the button to the right.

Everybody who attend our Two days International Master Class gets the Certificate of Attendance, which is also Certified by SCIP, Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals, USA.

This Master Class not only covers every strategic framework and analysis tools possible, but it also covers many case studies and examples to bring these tools to life. A great session for anyone wanting to increase the Strategic Impact in their organizations.

— Simon Pollock, Director Future Intelligence, General Mills, United Kingdom – USA

Great Master Class. I have learnt a lot from this class, especially on how to use the different analysis methodologies when it comes to the various used cases. It became clear we are not information providers, however, analysts driven decision makers. I also enjoyed the case analysis and the discussions with the other attendees.

— Sarah Fuhong Zhao, Ericsson, Sweden

Thanks for the energetic Master Class. I felt this is one of the most effective methods for learning Competitive Intelligence tools. Even though I just start working in a Competitive Intelligence position, with lots of true examples provided in the Master Class, I could grasp the image of the general idea of Competitive Intelligence.

— Junko Morikawa, Technical Analyst, ASML, Netherlands

Learning never stops. I have participated in the two-days Master Class Strategic Competitive Intelligence. During this class expert Joseph Rodenberg eleborates on how intelligence can be used on a strategic level to create competitive advantages.

— Lohic Beneyzet, Consulting Partner, Bravinci Data Dynamics, Netherlands

Your intelligence analysis is the best gold that I ever have seen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

— Rui Metelo Marques, Military Academy, Ministry of Defense, Portugal

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2 day International Master class Strategic Competitive & Predictive Intelligence | 16 – 17 APRIL 2024 | Utrecht, The Netherlands – Reserve Your Seat HERE