Six Building Blocks Reserve Your Seat Testimonials

This Master Class provides you with a wealth of tools, generating valuable insights and tons of inspiration

— Cindy Dekeyser, PB Leiner, Belgium

Joseph goes above and beyond inspiring and sharing abundant intelligence cases from multiple industry sectors, highlighting practical frameworks and proven structured Strategic Competitive Intelligence analyses tools, on how to provide intelligence foresight to provoke transformation and profitable growth. Highly recommended

— Libby Bernall, Cargill, USA

The Master Class was very inspirational providing valuable Competitive Intelligence tools, methodologies and practical experiences which are a catalyst for me to selectively use and implement at SKF

— Olof Johannesson, SKF, Sweden
Rodenberg Tillman & Associates executes the Two days International Master Class Strategic Intelligence twice per year for the European market. With the Six Building Blocks™ all aspects are covered to become successful in strategic management and strategic intelligence.
Our Master Class is applicable for professionals, managers, and leaders in international business from all various company functions: sales, marketing, strategy, innovation, business development, research & development, technology, purchasing, human resources and beyond. Every business individual who can’t just rely anymore on just data, information, and knowledge, however, wants to make the difference by using strategic intelligence in their day-to-day business practices.
Our Master Class has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 and is recognized in Europe as the leading training course in strategy and strategic competitive intelligence. See for more valuations ‘testimonials’, by clicking the button to the right.

Everybody who attend our Two days International Master Class gets the Certificate of Attendance, which is also Certified by SCIP, Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals, USA.

A great opportunity to stand away a little bit from daily business and get valuable insights into the strategic thinking in strategic intelligence. Having many interesting and entertaining cases is an ideal add-on to methodologies and structured approaches which have been shared. I will definitely make use of the content in my day-to-day business life

— Dr. Kristian Arntz, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Joseph’s passion for strategic intelligence is tangible and he knows how to transmit it

— Cargill Europe, Belgium

This Master Class provides you not only an extensive toolkit, but exposure to real business cases that demonstrate the application and power that strategic competitive intelligence initiatives can bring to your organization. Joseph’s experience and knowledge is extensive and I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to deepen their skillset

— Amanda Lehrmann, RWE Renewables International, Germany

On the Agenda

2 day International Master class Strategic Competitive & Predictive Intelligence | 13 – 14 October  2020 | Utrecht, The Netherlands – Reserve Your Seat HERE