MARCH 2021 / NO. 1

From Bureaucracy towards Humanocracy.

“A full scale strategic competitive intelligence capability enables top management to improve decision making because it’s driven by insights & forsight, with high impact, including clear avenues for future action – From outside to inside”
“Humanocracy is the new way to strengthen your company’s competitive power from the inside to the outside. It’s a new way of both thinking and acting in driving strategic competitive intelligence – A competitive advantage difficult to copy”
Many management books have been published, however only a few have had great influence on management today. Think of the books of Michael Porter on Competitive Strategies in the 1980s, “Competing for the Future” of Hamel and Phrahalad 1n 1996, “Only the Paranoid Survive” of Andrew Grove in 1996, “Good to Great” of Jim Collins in 2010 and Nassim Taleb’s “Black Swan” in 2007 and “Antifragile” in 2012. “Humanocracy” is the new book in 2020 of Gary Hamel on replacing bureaucracy, which might be seen as another “gamechanger“. Humanocracy leads to exceptional competitive power with unique competitive advantages, difficult to copy for your rivals.

Humanocracy : Four Reasons to do this

1. How much longer can organizations afford to waste more human capacity than they use?
2.  How much longer afford organizations that only 15 percent of employees are truly engaged in their work?
3.  We cannot afford organizations where an enormous amount of effort goes into fighting bureaucratic battles.
4.  We cannot afford organizations where less than 30 percent of the people are really called on to bring their initiative and their originality to work.
In bureaucracy it’s the people who are the instruments. In a humanocracy it’s the organization that is the instrument. It’s the vehicle that people use to improve their lives and the lives of those they serve. This shift means building organizations that are incredibly passionate, truly creative, and highly adaptable. Research amongst 10.000 managers around the world, 76% confirms that bureaucratic behaviors were decisive in who gets ahead. Bureaucracy has become a massive multiplayer game that’s played for the stakes of positional power.

How to roll back bureaucracy towards humanocracy?

Ask yourself two questions. First one is in what way you are behaving more like a bureaucrat and not so much like a leader who catalyzes the initiatives and imagination of colleagues? Second one to to invite the whole organization on this journey with you. Busting bureaucracy is a complex task, and no one person will have all the answers on how to do that. It’s open to everyone who is willing to shape the organization’s future. Rolling back bureaucracy is a pre-condition to become resilient – agile – adaptive – innovative – customer centric and more. Forget to install new systems. Forget new processes, because people are not processes. Forget new rules or a company initiative. It’s all about behaviors, attitudes, ways of thinking that only can work when you change the “deep systems and assumptions” within the organization.
“In traditional organizations and large companies, your power and influence correlate with your position, with positional authority. We have to take down these limitations of power and position based on bureaucracy”


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