FEBRUARY 2021 / NO. 1

The Octopus is taking its grip.

“In this decade ahead of us China will grow towards world leadership in Artificial Super Intelligence”
“It took China 20 years to become the leading production location in the world. How dependent is your company on China, direct or indirect?  If this is the case, please consider a Strategic Supplier Intelligence Analysis to get the real insights”
Covid-19 has made clear how dependent Europe is on China.The tensions are growing between Europe and China on digital security and economic power. Security experts across Europe have great worries of the connection of Chinese multinationals with the State. The Dutch Intelligence Agency AIVD already reported in 2019 on “China’s Offensive Cyberprogram – The perfect business model for nations”, as the biggest threat of economic espionage. Europe already is very dependent on Chinese technology. In 2020 we have published three Intelligence Briefings on the huge threats from China as well as our whitepaper “China and the upcoming threats to global humanity”, You can download this whitepaper for free, here. Yes, we are very worried about the darkside of China.

Huge threats from Chinese Nuctech

Since 15 years Chinese Nuctech delivers scanning technology to harbors, airports and other border security facilitators across Europe. Similar to other Chinese multinationals such as Huawei, ZTE also Chinese Nuctech has won many European Tenders just because of the lowest price. In average the Chinese offer prices 40% lower compared to competition. The connection of Chinese multinationals with the State is of great worry. This is also applicable to Nuctech. Parent company Tongfang partly owns CNNC, China National Nuclear Corporation, which state company coordinates the Chinese nuclear weapons program. However, CNNC also is the monitoring shareholder of Tongfang. The Dutch Intelligence Agency AIVD reported in 2019 that China is the biggest threat in economic espionage.
Security aspects are seen as not relevant with tenders. Risk management is not given enough attention and strategic intelligence is completely missing. Europe is afraid their trade interests will damage the relationship with China. We trivialize everything. Our security awareness is badly developed and thinking of geopolitics is missing. China uses her multinationals for economic and political power. You must be extremely naïve to cooperate with China for your vital infrastructuce. But we have excellent alternatives. UK-based Smiths Detection and US-based market leader Rapiscan are the competitors of Nuctech.
Three questions China doesn’t want to answer
Let’s not forget that Covid-19 comes from China and has infected the rest of the world. In  the first half of February 2021 an investigation team of the WHO tries to find out where the corona-virus came into existence. Do we get the answers? We have three simple questions to ask China:
1.  From December 12 2019 – January 20 2020 China insisted that there were no infections possible from humans-to-humans. Wrong! Why they hided this for the rest of the world over more than five weeks?
2.  The virus started in Wuhan in the province of Hubei. The government decided an embargo on travelling from Hubei to all other provinces in China, however, not to the rest of the world. Why?
3.  Why did the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed the USA to have caused this pandemic? Why?
We assume we will not get the answers. No doubt, it will further widening the already significant ideological differences between China and the Western World.
“China’s Communist Regime can never be trusted, neither ever be taken at their word. Any lie is a lie, and any truth is a lie. They are masterminds at disinformation and misinformation”, Cyrus A. Parsa


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