JULY 2020 / NO. 1

Strategy and Strategic Intelligence

“How can we formulate strategy in the face of uncertainty? That’s the fundamental question to prepare for the future. In the midst of a global pandemic, answering this has never felt more urgent”
“To make this effective, strategic management has to build permanent and flexible bridges between their actions in the present and their thinking about the future. The institutionalization of imagination makes the difference”
Both quotes on top come from Harvard Business Review July/August 2020. It’s not about predicting the future, but to make it possible to imagine multiple futures in creative ways that heighten our ability to sense, to shape and to adapt to what happens in the years ahead of us. Farsightedness or Strategic Foresight is not what to think about the future, however, to figure out how to think about it. Scenario planning & analysis is one of the best tools to create strategic foresight and is part of our Master Class program for many years. It made Royal Dutch Shell famous in the 1970s, because Shell was the only Big Oil Company which was prepared for the price shocks and embargo of oil by OPEC. Total, BP, Amoco, Mobil and Exxon were all lacking behind during that time. Shell is one of the few companies around the world that has institutionalized scenario planning as driver of strategic management and strategic foresight. Strategic Intelligence makes this possible.


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