JUNE 2020 / NO. 1

Do you have anything to hide!? No, just have nothing to share with YOU!

“China is a police state where you are scanned, tagged, and logged at schools, at work, on the street, in restaurants, in shopping centres, in train stations, in buses & taxis, payment gateways, social media and in hotels/resorts”
“You can be located via your smart phones, Internet of Things devices, computers, televisions, other people’s IoT, traffic lights, automated cars that drive by and anything that a smart home or smart city connects to via 5G”
In both Intelligence Briefings in May 2020 (I, II) we informed you about China’s Artificial Super Intelligence describing the ‘Dangers to Humanity’. From the central production place of the world, China wants to rule the rest of the world by connecting an Artificial Brain to robotics via the new global 5G and future 6G network.

Smart Cities

China is currently developing pilot programs for more than ‘500 smart cities’ and its foundation is deeply interconnected with surveillance and tracking of its own citizens. A smart city includes all infrastructure and consists of and connects with IoT devices, the traffic operating systems, power grids, water supplies, factories and buildings. A smart city with 5G and AI automation will leave no place beyond its control. Smart cities supported with AI-driven 5G and robotics can command robots, automated cars, food delivery systems, shopping center software upgrades, postal delivery systems via drones, micro-bots, smart phones, medical systems and administration-surveillance-control. These are huge threats!

China’s silicon valley is in ShenZhen

ShenZhen is China’s hub that made China’s bike riding population turn into a mega AI and Technology city formed by Western tech mergers, IP theft, and Chinese collaboration with Western academia. Putting this altogether they have created thousands of small to big AI and tech-startup companies in the greater ShenZhen area. It seeks ‘made in China’ robots to the West and around the world, which will lead to increased espionage, hacking, stealing our data and robots will going rogue in the future when upgraded androids are introduced. How much longer will the world accept these threats?

Can we trust China?

Talking about China we always speak about the Chinese Communist Regime with 85 million members of the Communist Party. In our Intel of May 19 2020 we have quoted that  “China, under the existence of the Communist Regime, never can be trusted, never can be taken at their word. Any lie is lie, and any truth is lie. They are masterminds at disinformation and misinformation”.
Another example: China plans to increase the tariffs on imports of Australian agricutural products, beef, wine and fish. Reason of this boycot is to punish Australia because of its leadership’s role, together with the USA, UK and Germany, to start the investigation of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan. Other unofficial reason is the fact that Australia already banned Chinese Huawei in 2018. We know that Huawei wants to install 5G all over the world to realize China’s global ambition on Artificial Super Intelligence.
Finally, the world just watches the threats on Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party agreed in the Yearly National Assembly in May 2020 the new Security Law for Hong Kong. This Security Law will be implemented in Hong Kong without any involvement of Hong Kong’s Parliament. Even worse, it will be listed in the Constitution of Hong Kong!
This Intelligence Briefing on China as well as our two previous INTELS of May 2020 on China have been based on a wide variety of public sources and the publication ‘Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity”,  by Cyrus A. Parsa.
Our Early Warnings inform you to be reluctant with future cooperations with Chinese tech-based companies, because all of them are connected with the Chinese Communist Regime as well as the Chinese Military. Our Early Warnings started with a revealing article in two full pages in “De Telegraaf” early May 2020, the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands, followed by two INTELS on May 6 and May 19 2020. For our complete analysis on the threats from China to the world, download the free whitepaper “China and the upcoming threats to global humanity”….  click here.
The Coronavirus disaster started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and dramatically infected the rest of the world, currently followed by an incredible flow of disinformation, misinformation and distrust.

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