JANUARY 2020 / NO. 1

The Politics of Business

Semiconductors are the backbone of all crucial sectors of industry such as artificial intelligence, 5G, defence, aviation, aerospace and beyond
Dutch ASML delivers the most advanced semiconductor technology to Intel, Samsung, TSMC and is not allowed to sell this to China. Why?
ASML has been working for almost two decades on the new and very advanced semiconductor’s technology ‘Extreme Ultra Violet’. This technology enables worldplayers as Intel, Samsung, TSMC and a few others to produce millions of chips for other worldplayers as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others much faster. The price of these advanced ASML machines are € 120 million each and the crucial issue now is the approval to sell these new advanced machines to China. The strategy of the Chinese government is that 50-75 percent of all semiconductors sales must come from China in 2030. So, China desperately needs this advanced technology, however the Trump Administration doesn’t allow ASML to sell to the Chinese. It’s comparable to the situation with Huawei not to allow them to enter the highly sensitive markets of 5G in Europe and the USA.

Competing becomes Collision

Collision is not disruptive innovation, however, is the result of the emergence of a completely different kind of firms. It’s the collision between AI-driven and traditional firms across many industries: software, financial services, retail, telecom, media, healthcare, automotive and beyond. The AI-driven companies can fundamentally alter industries and reshape the nature of competitive advantage. The problem is that many executives at first don’t believe the digital model will ever catch up or might hurt their companies.

Surveillance Capitalism

This is the umbrella name of the business model of big tech and so many other companies. A new market of personal information of consumers, which information is sold to data-brokers. In exchange these data-brokers analyse, package and sell the information again to companies, banks, universities, political parties, charities and even to the authorities. Results are smart televisions, smart furniture, smart cars, smart beds, smart cities, robotics and another bunch of new personal assistants.This new market is estimated at US$ 198 billion in 2022.
So, the fast-changing nature of business today means that employees continual learning is vital for organizational success!
“All your personal, financial and medical data are collected anonymous, analyzed, sold and algorithms connect it all”. The result of Surveillance Captitalism as new business model.

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