New Distinguished Advisory Board For Rodenberg Tillman & Associates


[Netherlands, 6th of March 2019] – Rodenberg Tillman & Associates, recognized as leader in Europe with international expertise and experience in Strategy & Strategic Intelligence today announced their new distinguished Advisory Board.
“Its been the first time since the founding of our company back in 1985 that we have a full Advisory Board to strengthen our company”, said Joseph Rodenberg, managing director of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates. Rodenberg continues, “This Advisory Board will assist Rodenberg Tillman & Associates in increasing value propositions and performances. All input of the Advisory Board Members is highly valued and considered crucial to our company success.”

I have known Rodenberg Tillman & Associates for many years and was always impressed by their high capabilities and their ongoing efforts to develop Competitive Intelligence as a strategic tool for management. I have invited Rodenberg Tillman & Associates to teach a CI seminar in Israel 3 years ago, and it was a great success.

— Dr. Avner Barnea, (Ph.D.) Brig. General, ISA (Ret.)

Industry 4.0 principles and advanced, connected technologies are transforming how parts and products are designed, made, used, and maintained. More than ever those “shop-floor” technologies are transforming business and organizations in every way. We need to create corresponding speed, quality and predictive principles in conventional business intelligence if we want to balance sustainable business creation with new technological capabilities.

Strategic Intelligence with Predictive Foresights of RODENBERG TILLMAN & ASSOCIATES is enabling sound decisions for interlinking business, technology, resources, and assets in an effective way.

— Dr. Biba Visnjicki (PhD), Director Business Development at FraunHofer Project Center University of Twente, the Netherlands
“All Advisory Board Members are considered authorities in their fields of expertise and have distinguished track records to show for”, said Alain Wille, managing partner of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates. Wille continues, “We are honoured and pleased to introduce our connected network around the globe our new Advisory Board!”

Antoinette Rijsenbilt PhD

Antoinette Rijsenbilt has a special interest in issues concerning economics, leadership, governance and psychology. She is an economist (MSc Business Economics in 1991, PhD in 2011). In addition, she studied psychology and is a certified teacher. She has held various financial positions both in complex international organizations as in Small and Medium sized Enterprises. From 2009 she works for the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on personality (especially the narcissistic personality) and virtuousness of leaders and the impact on organizational outcomes. She is also the Program Director of the Erasmus Leadership Executive Program.

Avner Barnea PhD

Avner Barnea PhD, is a senior competitive intelligence strategic consultant and also teaches (Strategic) Competitive Intelligence (CI) in various MBA academic programs in Israel. Dr. Barnea is teaching the course “Strategic Intelligence in the Competitive Landscape” in several MBA programs, among them the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffa, and the MA program of the Department of Information Science, Bar Ilan University. He is currently Chairman of the Israel CI Forum (FIMAT); he also member of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) Board of Directors and distinguished member – academia, of SCIP. Dr. Barnea is publishing research articles about CI and Strategy in various academic journals. He is a former senior officer with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and is a research fellow in the National Security Studies Center, University of Haifa, Israel.
Dr. Barnea new book (in Hebrew),”We Did Not Anticipate That: A Comparative Study of Failures in National and Business Intelligence” has been launched in Israel in December 2018.

Nanette Bulger

Nanette (nan) Bulger has 40 years of experience as a consulting and practitioner engineer, strategist, marketer and analytics expert in both profit and non-profit arenas in a number of global business arenas. She is currently an independent consultant in the animal health diagnostics industry in analytics, market strategy and customer facing education. Previous to that, she served as Executive Director of (SCIP) Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals. She is the founder of (WISA) Women in Insights, Strategy and Analytics and is an advocate and author in the area of stem, stem+ and evidence based corporate social responsibility. She was global lead and sector senior director for Philips Healthcare, a Dutch multinational and for Covidien (Medtronic) along with a career journey that crosses a number of regions, industries and disciplines.
Nan is an internationally published author on a variety of market intelligence, marketing, strategic planning, finance transformation and intellectual property topics. Nan has a B.S. in Physics and Environmental Science, an M.B.A. in Strategy and Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, and a post graduate certificate in Strategic Risk and Uncertainty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Constantijn Rodenberg

Constantijn Rodenberg has been active in different Sales Management and Account Management positions since 2005. Starting at Siemens PLM he advised a wide variety of international companies across the Netherlands. Currently he is Head of Sales Management at Pinewood in Delft, specialized in Cybersecurity.
Constantijn has a BA in Commercial/Marketing Economics at the Hogeschool Holland in Amsterdam, participated in Computer Sciences at Harvard Business Summer School USA and Macro Forecasting Economics at Lombard Odier in London UK.

Biba Visnjicki PhD

Over the last decade dr. Biba Visnjicki has supported companies world-wide in their strategy, business development and was frequently building and steering national and international innovation teams.
She started her professional career in Serbia as a product and business developer. In 1998 she become regional Managing Director of Mobile Oil for the former Yugoslavia region. After finishing her PhD studies in The Netherlands, she has focused on developing her competencies and skills in the domains of strategy execution, business development, analytics and methodologies and tools for effective implementation of strategy and innovation. She has achieved QFD Black Belt status from the QFD Institute of America.
Since beginning of 2017 dr. Visnjicki as Director Business Development is responsible for strategy, business positioning and strategic collaborations of the Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente.

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