JANUARY 2019 / NO. 1

Interested in knowing how to do Strategic Intelligence?

You get the best insights & foresights to succeed in business from Strategic Intelligence. No other management-discipline is so powerful to foresee early signals of change. How you manage the dynamics of change determines the future of your company.

— Joseph H.A.M. Rodenberg
Intelligence agencies around the world are busy, 24/7, to get the best insights and foresights with the aim to avoid surprises which might have impact on countries and their citizens. Well-known examples are French DCRI, US-based CIA and NSA, Russian FSB (formerly KGB), British MI5 and MI6 and more. Since 1985 our firm is active in establishing strategic intelligence in international companies around the globe. In our Master Class we train managers, professionals and business leaders how to apply strategic intelligence within their organizations. March 7 – 8 2019 our European Master Class Strategic Intelligence is scheduled in De Bilt – Utrecht, the Netherlands. More information here. See, out of many, some recent testimonials:
  • “Great resource for professionals, managers, and business leaders looking for new methods, techniques, and perspectives on their own discipline and how to level up their organization’s capacity and inclination for strategic intelligence”, Jennifer Leung, AppDynamics, USA
  • “This was the most comprehensive overview of concepts and tools of strategic intelligence ever encountered in one spot. It’s a valuable resource to further develop our approaches within the company”, Dr. Torsten Freund, BASF, Germany
  • “Brilliant course that has opened my eyes to the world of strategic intelligence! The business cases combined with numerous perspectives gave me great insights and inspiration how more value can be created by strategic competitive intelligence”, Grace Tan, Danone-Nutricia, Netherlands
  • “The Master Class was an enjoyable two days out-of-office thinking about the importance of intelligence for corporate strategy in today’s world. I strongly recommend this Master Class to any strategy, insights, or intelligence professional”, Tomas Mihulka, Imperial Tobacco, France
  • “Up-to-date challenging real life business examples to introduce a useful pallet of intelligence tools and principles”, Dr. Rob Stevens, Vice President Technology Scouting & Corporate Innovation, Yara International, Norway
  • “The program was great. Within a week I have implemented some very useful strategic intelligence tools and got support for a global pilot initiative”, Dr. Scott Wilson, Oerlikon, Switzerland
  • “I very much enjoyed this Master Class with great emphasis on competing for the future, about peripheral vision, where the most important decisions are taken and how strategic intelligence really works in practice”, Dr. Eileen Diakun, Solvay, United Kingdom

Since 2002 we execute our Master Classes Strategic Intelligence around the world, by training participants the techniques, methodologies and tools to become more successful in their day-to-day operations, applicable in every company function!

— Joseph H.A.M. Rodenberg

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